Monday, August 25, 2008 | By: Tonya Keitt Kalule

Malinda Williams Jones

I was just looking at all of the beautiful pictures of Malinda and her new Hubby on her wedding day. I am a photographer, not that it is necessary to be able to see what only pictures are able to reveal, since they are moments frozen in time. Pictures always tell a story. Sometimes those pictures tell stories that you don't want told, or stories that you are not even aware of. There were stories in my wedding pictures that I didn't see until after the wedding, and those pictures didn't lie.
I see an untold story here even before looking at more of the wedding photos, where there were photos of other married couples and the difference is quite obvious. She seems so excited not only about her wedding but also about being his wife, his life partner, and I hope she gets all that she is hoping for. I do wonder what will be her price.

I know that it appears as though I am rambling, because I don't want to appear to be a hater of sorts, but there is something that is disturbing here and I hope that I am wrong.

The second pic is of Dule Hill and his wife, and the third pic is of Nicole and Boris.


When this post was done, there were beautiful pictures on the Essence Magazine website, but those pictures are no longer there, therefore they are no longer attached to my site. I do apologize for this but I will leave the post available. I find it very strange that these pictures are no longer available on the Essence website, when other celebrity weddings prior to Melinda's are still there. Why have these pictures been removed? Did she open herself up to ridicule? Was it something I said?


Melinda's wedding pictures are back on the Essence website, but not those that I referenced. Again I apologize.

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