Saturday, October 18, 2008 | By: Tonya Keitt Kalule

Fear of Our Own Greatness

We all have things that we have dreamed of doing in our lives and most of these dreams we never pursue. Sometimes it is because others don't believe in our dream and we start to doubt ourselves. Other times life gets in the way, and by the time we have less responsibility in our lives and are able to start on some of those dreams, we are tired and no longer have the desire, and begin to believe that there was a reason why we never pursued our dreams. I am also guilty of this sort of thinking. There has been times where I have pursued things and taken risks but I have never pursue the dreams I have so often had in the artistic realm. I have less responsibility now than I did when I was raising my daughter and it is my time, but I have allowed everything to get in my way, most of all myself. I am trying to free myself from this, and I so often convince myself that I don't have the fight that I use to have ten years ago, but that is not true, I still have that fire. I believe that God puts the passion into your heart and it is up to us to act on it.
Many people have had the same feelings, and they some how worked through that fear, and pushed through to their dream. There are many people that has come before us, and these are average everyday people that have done extraordinary things.
Photojournalism is something that I have a passion for. I have always loved photography and also learning about people's lives, where they have been, where they are going and why. I believe that everyone has a story and most often it can touch some else's life. That is what I am passionate about. What scares me is that there are so many amazing photographers out there and I don't yet know how to make my photography stand out from the rest. I am good with relating to people. I have the kind of personality that people gravitate to and my honesty and sincerity is what people are trusting of. I am hoping that these character traits are what pushes me along in my pursuit of this field. Hopefully this will allow me to get the right photograph that tells a moving story.
The reason for starting these blogs is to overcome my fear of putting myself out there, expressing myself for all to see, even putting some photos out there. Hopefully the day will come when I look back on these meager beginnings and be grateful that I started somewhere. I am also hoping that all that read my blogs will also see my growth, and even be instrumental in that growth by commenting on what they read or see in my photographs.

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