Saturday, December 6, 2008 | By: Tonya Keitt Kalule

Economic Recession

It amazes me that our government is so out of touch with the people that they govern, they don't have a clue when we are suffering until things start to fall down around their own ankles. We have been in a recession for well over a year with unemployment at 6.7 % and over a million jobs lost this year alone. Last week they officailly announced that this country was in a recession, what do you think was the clue for them.
Did they think by not acknowledging the true state of this economy would not make it so. How did our government get so out of touch with the people. It is not just the executive branch of government, which you almost expect to be out of touch, but our legislative branch is something you want to believe is still in touch with it's constituents. That is why it is designed the way that it is. There are two senators that are voted from each state, but the House consists of 435 representatives taking a specific number from each state according to the population of that state. Most of these representatives are people living in the communities of which they represent. So how is it that after a short time rubbing elbows with power perceived in politics they soon forget why they are there. Their personal agenda immediately takes precedence and they never look back. I don't understand how they look themselves in the mirror once they start to sell out those who believed in them and worked so hard to get them elected. I truly believe that the day does come when they look in the mirror and not even recognize their own reflections, they see something totally different. Just like a person who suffers from eating disorders. They will be skin and bone, weighing a mere 75 pounds and on the brink of death, but what they see when they look in the mirror is someone overweight and unattractive. This is in serious contrast to what many politician see when they look in the mirror. Even when they have lost sight of what they were elected for and what promises they have made to get the majority votes, they see something larger than life, something beautiful to them, what they can become or what they want to become. They don't recognize GREED when they see it, and as time goes on that reflection, of which they don't presently recognize, becomes even more obscure.

I waited a few days before posting this to see just what congress would possibly put together for this bailout of the auto industry, because on the wall street bailout they just wrote a blank check. This time there is a two edge sword, the working class could lose either way, either through losing millions of jobs that would possibly put us into a depression; and as a taxpayer, that is going to bailout private industry that we have watched make bad decisions for the past 20-30 years. Decisions that didn't take into account the needs of the working class, of the average American. The need for less dependency on foreign oil and a way to use alternative energy sources, leaving less carbons in the air' that lists goes on.
Well I am surprised and equally elated about the bailout legislation that is being proposed. In the New York Times today there was a bit of an overview of what Congress had been working on so hard this weekend. The two things that radiated with me more than anything was the part of the legislation that states that the three automakers will not be able to own or lease private jets during the time the government loans are outstanding and that the top level executives will not receive any bonuses nor the stockholders any dividends during this time the loans are outstanding. Now this is the beginning of a real bailout. The first time that I have every taken note of politicians looking out for the working class, where the majority of taxes are generated.

It is a new day America, and I am glad that I am around to see it.


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