Saturday, February 27, 2010 | By: Tonya Keitt Kalule

How is Desiree Rogers responsible for a SECURITY BREECH -not her job

Mrs. Roger's job is Social Secretary not Security Secretary. How in the world could the security breech of the state dinner, where there were two party crashers that was waved through by more than one security check point be the responsibility of the party planner. I was really expecting to see secret service head roll, but that is not what happened. I wonder why it didn't, because it definitely should have been a myriad of pink slips floating in the air. Instead the pressure is on the Social Secretary.

It is obviously that there is a great deal more going on here. From where I stand, she did a great job for which she was hired. The President and the First Lady wanted to make the White House, the people's house and that is exactly what happened. The First Family was more accessible to those that voted him in office and not just to dignitaries. They hosted school children quite often even planting a garden that is maintained by school children. The list goes on and on. It appears as though this is more of 'crashing of egos' than anything else. The question is whose egos are crashing.

Who would she have actually rub the wrong way? Who would be jealous of the job she has done so well, and by the way looked fabulous doing?

Even though I am very proud of the woman that I see, I can't vouch for her character, because well I don't know her. Is there something in her character that makes her less attractive? I am sure there is still a great deal left to be said, but the problem will be the sources, and our only source is the media, and we know how they sensationalize everything, especially when there is a victim.

So I expect to see her character attacked in the weeks following her actually departure from the White House, because the security breech just could not possibly be the reason.


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