Sunday, June 13, 2010 | By: Tonya Keitt Kalule

Westward Migration

Finally I worked my way to the Autry Museum and it was well worth it. I have been fascinated with the natural landscape of California every since I arrived here.

This exhibit shows the importance of the contribution of women in the development of the west along with many African Americans.

There was something that I read in the museum's brochure about a female doctor named Justina Ford.
Dr. Justina Laurena Warren Ford was the first African American female doctor in Colorado, and was still the only female African American doctor there when she died in 1952. She demonstrates perseverance and dedication to her dream as many pioneers have and did not let the obvious roadblock deter her. Her home in Denver has been moved from its original location, and is now the home of the Black American West Museum.

I was quite surprised in the number of African American Cowboys there were in this migration west, now realizing that one-third of the cowboys were black. They had established all black townships, and owned a great deal of prime real estate. Information that is not in our history text books. It make me angry that so much of our history is omitted as though it is not American History.
There is also a beautiful exhibit throughout of the American Indian and their contribution to the westward migration of the cowboy.

There are more photos of the exhibits here.


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