Thursday, March 5, 2009 | By: Tonya Keitt Kalule

The Not Perfect but Wonderful Barack Obama and Family

President Obama is to me more than an extraordinary man, I am still sittiing around with my mouth open in awe of what I see in him, in his wife Michelle, and even their two beautiful daughters. They are what an American Family should be. This couple have genuine love, admiration, adoration, and mutual respect for each other. They are just a pleasure to watch together and equally as inspiring when they are going about their individual tasks. They are determined to make the White House the peoples house and in only 6 weeks in, they are doing just that. They are inviting the ordinary man into their home, especially children, to see what their lives are like, as oppose to just reading about it. President Obama is also doing everything he can to keep the American public aware of what he is doing in his administration.
Of course there are many critics and many that will pick apart the President and his administration. That is to be expected because the more he reveal of himself the more these critics are going to attack him. I know that I will not agree with everything that he does or attempts to do as President, but watching this man at work and his comfort level in this position makes me believe that he was born to fill these shoes.
I am obviously a supporter and a fan, and hoping the day will come when I can return to the ground from my elevated state and close my mouth from being awe struck by what is taking place in my lifetime. The excitement continues.


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