Sunday, April 26, 2009 | By: Tonya Keitt Kalule

The Promise

I am just so exhausted by my inherent impulse to look for the good in people. Some people don't have enough good within to be seen by the human eye or the human heart. Maybe only God can see their worth, or maybe it is just not meant for one to see.

Forget people. But I love people. At times I believe my consistent and subconscious quest for the good in people is a curse, but maybe it is not a curse, maybe it is a blessing. It could be a blessing for the other person although quite painful to me, but it could possibly be a blessing for me.

Maybe this is why I find a real passion in photojournalism. I want to believe that regardless of the many heinous acts committed by some, that there is more to them than their actions. There are those that kill people but love animals; they have no respect for life, but they recycle. I don't know. Many will think that I am reaching here, and maybe I am, but what makes me want to reach, what makes me want to believe in people, "by any means necessary".
If this was a curse I would surely be bitter by now, but I am not bitter. My heart wont let me become bitter or God wont let me. So maybe it is a gift and God is waiting for the time when I am prepared, when I am ready, when I am not so emotional but purely passionate. I feel like I am on the path but I have not yet reached the promise. So hopefully God will ease some of the pain, some of the frustration, some of the uneasiness, and some of the ambiguity of this pilgrimage. I definitely want to embrace this mission and every step taken, because I want to reach The Promise, that now only flashes before me.

What is this promise?

The promise of peace and happiness that is there once one finds their true passion in life. Once one finds their purpose on this earth. Once one finds their way to serve others.
A settling of the soul.


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