Monday, August 31, 2009 | By: Tonya Keitt Kalule

Doing My Own Thing also means Finding My Own Fashion Style

My daughter Whitney has me watching the Rachel Zoe Project , Project Runway , as well as any other fashion inspired shows that she comes across. Of course I watch them all because this is what she is really interested in. I am also interested in changing my look at this stage in my life. So these shows do give you insight into what is out there and how to put things together, so I must admit, they are helpful. Of course everyone think that New York is the place for fashion, and it is, but Los Angeles has more than its share of design houses and fashionistas. The shopping here is more than plentiful than I have seen in any city, even New York.

Well I am working on finding my personal style again. There was a time when I loved clothes and had lots of them. This all stemmed from my mother who was a very sharp dresser and knew quality and she passed this love for fashion on to me. Now things are different, because I don't really like to shop anymore, at least not like before. However, I still love beautiful, well made clothes, but I don't desire to have everything that I see.

I will share my transformation with you as it takes place, but it will be a slow process, because I have many other things on my agenda as well.


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