Monday, May 24, 2010 | By: Tonya Keitt Kalule

Park at the end of Malibu Canyon Road-What a View

I was out to a park on near Peppidine University in Malibu and there was this long path that leads down to the water. If you look closely at this picture you can see it going toward the water. My friend told me that I should walk on down there, but I was hesitant. I know where there is water and brush there are usually rattlesnakes or water moccasins. I told her that if the gentleman with the dog went down that trail I would go along or behind them, because I trust the instincts of a dog.

This little lady's name is Sadie.

I started talking to the dogs owner telling him what we were talking about and of course he agreed about the instincts of a dog. His name was Jim and he told me that a couple of weeks ago there was rather large rattlesnake there off to the side of the walkway, and before approaching Sadie started to walk to the opposite side as though she sensed something directly in front of them in their path.

As they got closer he saw the rattlesnake and the dog was walking further and further away.

Jim went on telling me more stories about Sadie, how she was raised by the cats that he and his wife have at home, so often times, she acts like a cat. She gets excited and will chase something as small as a leaf blowing in the wind. She was picking up on the light caused by the sun shining on my camera lens. It appeared as though she wanted to chase that as well.

He told me how Sadie was a really friendly dog but sometimes when he notices that she does not like a person that he may come in contact with, he will just speak and keep going. He has learned to trust her instincts, because often time we ignore our own.

At this point Sadie was just enjoying the cool breeze and the warmth of the sun.


Judy660 said...

Sadie is a beautiful dog, and her owner is so right...we too often ignore our own instincts. Is it because there's too much clutter, or is it that we want what we want when we want it so much that was ignore the voice telling us no?

Tonya Keitt Kalule said...

I think one other reason for ignoring our instincts is that beautiful human thing called reasoning.

Judy660 said...

I agree that by using our minds more than our hearts, we tune out Guidance.

Tonya Keitt Kalule said...

I am trying to live more with my heart and not my head. It is a challenge but for some reason I believe that my life will be so much richer when I can truly make this transition.

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