Sunday, November 9, 2008 | By: Tonya Keitt Kalule

Jesse Jackson, Jr., Not His Father

This young man is something to watch. I have recently noticed his intelligence and dedication throughout Barack's presidential campaign, and he is a pleasure to see. I have never been too fond of his father, therefore, I had no interest in the son. He is more like Barack than he is his father. I am very impressed with the young black leaders of today They are well educated, intelligent, family oriented, and rooted in the black community. Most importantly they realize the importance of the "We". They realize that we live in a much more diverse America, the backgrounds of the people are more diverse, our neighborhoods are more diverse, and one person's ethnicity is more diverse, and they are no longer willing to choose one ethnicity over the other. Those people who have one parent of one ethnicity and another parent of another ethnicity are tired of feeling that they don't belong and that they have to identify with one part of them over the other. Tiger Woods made this clear during his rise in the golf world, and Barak is making it clear now. They maybe rooted in the black community because of how the world sees them, but they no longer want to have to choose. This is the new America. As a people we are reaching out to other cultures, learning their language and how to cook their food, we are diverse, and we want a leadership that understands that, and one that will bridge the gap. We have now brought together people of all cultural backgrounds and now Barack's next responsibility is to bridge the socio-economic gap, and he has decided to start by taking care of the middle class. As the middle class Americans rise, we will bring along the lower middle-class, and this gap that was made larger by the Bush Administration will start to close.
It is a beautiful thing to watch.
Barack Obama is our first Black President of the United States, but I don't think that he is going to be the last; Jesse Jackson, Jr. also has what it takes. He is already pegged the Congressman most likely to take Barack's abandoned Senate seat, and will one day take an abandoned presidential seat. You do your thing young brother.

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