Wednesday, October 7, 2009 | By: Tonya Keitt Kalule

Bantering with Tommy Davidson

Today while shopping on Ventura Blvd. near Laurel Canyon, I was sitting outside of Starbucks enjoying my pumpkin spice latte as Tommy Davidson walks out of the Starbucks. I didn't notice him sitting inside while I was inside, but he was obviously there. When I sat down outside I noticed a beautiful Siberian husky puppy tied to a pole and a lady came out and petted this puppy. A few minutes later Tommy came out and was standing right in front of me and finished his drink and reached down to untie the puppy. I then said to him, " How are you doing?" He turned around and said, "hello how are you." I then said, "I noticed that you are getting a bit of gray hair up there is that why I have not seen you on tv lately" He said, "I'm on tv, where have you been." I then asked him what channel was he on and he told me Showtime, then I told him that I didn't have Showtime. Then he said, " don't be giving me a hard time because of your cable deficiencies". We both laughed and I told him I guess I am going to have to get Showtime, and laughed. We then said take care to each other, and he got his puppy and went across the street, jumped into this beautiful convertible Jaquar, smiled and drove off. That was really cool to me, he was nice.

About three minutes later Eric Benet walked up to the crosswalk, and then looked around and behind him, which is where I was sitting, to see who was looking at him, and I made sure that I was not looking in his direction. I am not very fond of this guy. Every since he violated his marriage vows with Halle Berry and had the nerve to want alimony, I lost what little respect I did have for him.
Even though this was all fun, I enjoyed my shopping as well.


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