Friday, October 9, 2009 | By: Tonya Keitt Kalule

Women At A Certain Age

There is a new movie out entitles, 'Men of a Certain Age' but nobody seems to want to talk about women of a certain age. With the amount of changes that a women's body goes through in her life time it is still surprising that in this date and time it is still mostly ignored. Well we can at least say that it stays out of the mainstream. Well I am a women of a certain age and it can be devastating when a women reaches this certain age. My understanding of the changes that takes place in a woman's body is so much better now, but there was no warning.

I understand now why there are some women that reach the age of 50 and want to still dress like they are 20. Why there are so many women out there that has a hard time accepting their aging. Well even though I am accepting this aging process, and I have no desire to be 20 again, it is not an easy process.

First society does not like the aging woman but is in totally acceptance of an aging man. Our body changes inside and out and it is a bit devastating to the ego. I believe it is mostly because of the lack of acceptance. Our aging men want us to continue to look like we did 20 years ago and that is not possible. Not only are these physical changes challenging, but there are a great deal of emotional changes that are mostly brought on by our hormones. Menopause is quite different for every woman and can be cataclysmic for others.

On either end of the spectrum, it is definitely life altering and something most of us are not equipped to handle, and as much as it is talked and written about it is not nearly enough. There are still those that tell you that everything will be alright. That is funny to me, because you don't feel like things are going to be alright. You often times feel like hurting someone. Often times you are so out of character until you don't even recognize yourself, and that to me is disturbing.

There are all kinds of things on the market to help with the hormonal imbalance that treat the symptoms but not near enough out there to help you understand what it is that you are going through. The constant shift of emotions that your are dealing with or trying to deal with. People look at you like you are crazy when you talk about it, and there are times when you feel you are possibly losing your mind, and yes, losing your grip has been a reality for some women.

So understand that this is a difficult time for women and even with all that is written about it, it is very personal.


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