Sunday, October 11, 2009 | By: Tonya Keitt Kalule

Lazhanae- one of thousands failed by their Country

Violence among our youth starts when they are babies. They have no value for the lives of others because they don't value their own life, and why is that, because they have been taught that life has no value. This lesson is taught to them by the ones that are put here to care for them, and then those that are appointed to care for them when their parents can't or won't.

Many of these children are born to parents that don't want them, as Lazhanae was. Her mother was a substance abuser that gave birth to at least 8 children, and her intentions were to give them away, and she feels that she was doing them a favor by not aborting them. No I am not advocating abortion here, but doing them a favor, really. She should have done them a favor by not conceiving them if she did not want them or could not care for them. If she had enough sense to feel like abortion was wrong she should have known that this was also wrong and opted for some type of sterilization, or birth control. She was well aware of her life style and the circumstances of such a lifestyle.
What is even more appalling than this, is the fact that many of these children are placed in foster homes that should have never been foster homes at all. Some of these places are not fit for anyone to live in, and then there are times when these children are used and abused again and again. How do many of these people become foster parents? What is the criteria? What is the goal? What is the process?

It appears as though these kids are placed where ever someone would take them, regardless of where it is, as long as it is a perceived roof over the head and promise of food to eat.

A few years ago two children were award to their biological uncle after their mother died and he was a convicted sex offender. So he molested both the boy and the girl for about five years before anyone noticed. One day a lady that was familiar with him and his family knew that he was a convicted sex offender, she saw him with these children and called Child Protective Services. Now how in hell did that happen. This sort of thing really infuriates me.

We want to know why children are killing each other, they are only displaying what they know , what they have been taught, by the supposedly responsible adults of this nation.

It is known that Hurt People often Hurt People


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