Wednesday, October 28, 2009 | By: Tonya Keitt Kalule

Health Care

Health Reform, what does that mean to the average person. There are so may fighting this change and then there are those that have been fighting it for years and now realize there must be some sort of change. We need to begin to change the health care and pharmaceutical industries, the average Americans are consistently going broke behind medical expenses. We are not going to get it right with the first bill, but that is why there are amendments, and they will be necessary.

It is so frustrating that all that corporate is concerned with is the bottom line, the profit, but look at the casualties this sort of thinking gives rise to. It is actually embarrassing to this country. I don't believe that the average Americans would mind paying higher taxes if they are the ones that reap the benefit from the revenue, but the working man is not the one that benefits, those corporate heads are the ones that benefit. Once the tax is raised you never hear any more about what the money is being used for.

Obama is not trying to raise taxes he is merely trying to impose a tax system that is equal for all according to one's income and then channel those revenues in programs that are actually working. Health care reform is something that has been on the table for many decades but not much is ever done and that is just no long acceptable.

I read this in the LA Times earlier this week and it is unbelievable.

How could Obama still win Republican support for healthcare reform?

He should finally realize that we need to reform our insane malpractice system. The U.S. is spending between $60 billion and $200 billion a year on protection against lawsuits. I used to be a doctor, I know how much is wasted on defensive medicine. Everybody I practiced with spends hours and enormous amounts of money on wasted tests, diagnostic and procedures -- all to avoid lawsuits. The Democrats will not touch it. When Howard Dean was asked why, he said honestly and explicitly that Democrats don't want to antagonize the trial lawyers who donate huge amounts of money to the Democrats.

It is unbelievable that these doctors are not willing to do the necessary test on a patient. I am glad that doctors have some fear in being sued. If that is what it is going to take for them to be sure of the cause of a patient's complaints. It has been my experience that doctors either want to dismiss your ailments or over medicate.
It is even hard to find a good health care provider these days.

I long to see some drastic changes made, and hopefully this will in fact be the year that reform and regulation of these two industries begin.


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