Tuesday, November 3, 2009 | By: Tonya Keitt Kalule

Going Back in Time

What would it mean for you to go back in time? What would you do differently? Why would you want to turn back the clock? How far would you go back?

These are questions that are always talked about. We talk about hindsight be 20/20. If we only had a crystal ball.

Well there is not a great deal that I would change, but of course there are a few things. I would have listened to my parents more. And then there are instances where I would have listened to them less. Parents can only pass on to you what they know and just like your parents and teachers are the ones that create your belief system, someone else also created theirs. Most people don't ever align their belief system with what they have learned, they just don't know how.

Turning back the clock will give you a chance to have a do over, but mostly it will give you more time. You don't have to be younger to do anything these days. Some may wish that they had given birth to their children earlier or later or have gotten married earlier or later. Mostly we just want to have the time to do those things that we believed that we missed out on. A great deal of middle age women want to go back to their younger more glamorous selves. Even though my body was more toned, my hair was longer and fuller, and I had a great deal more energy, I am thoroughly enjoying being almost fifty. I feel more beautiful than before. When I was younger I was not aware of my looks therefore they were not important to me. It is not that it is more important now it is more about how I feel about myself and my life. That is something that radiates to the outside.

How far would I go back if I could go back? That is hard to determine as well. For some reasons I could say about 24, even though I thought my 20's were worst than my teens. So then I would say about 35 years old for vain reason. To me I absolutely looked my best, and was on my way to knowing more about life and where I fit in. Well I was wrong again. So I believe that I will start right where I am. I may feel different 20 years for right now, but there is something to be said about life's journey and with all of it's highs and lows, it is our journey, along with a great deal of lessons just for us. So I am looking forward to the rest of my journey.

The only thing I would really change is I would have slowed down and just enjoyed the journey.

Ask yourself these questions and let me know what you would do if anything, and if not, why.


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