Friday, November 6, 2009 | By: Tonya Keitt Kalule

Slice and Dice Time

Next week this time I would have been sliced into like a baked potato. Too bad they can't do a little bit of a tummy tuck while they are there. I had some of my readers that know me personally wanting me to post information concerning my surgery. It was a bit hard for me to imagine doing this at first because I come from that good southern family where some things should remain hush hush. I do realize that I am not the first nor the last to ever have this kind of surgery so I have decided that I will give the details without the blood and gore.

Due to the rapid growth of a recently discovered fibroid tumor I am having a hysterectomy. This fibroid is in my uterus and the size of a 16 week fetus. Can you imagine that. Since I am almost fifty years old my doctor and I decided that I should have a total hysterectomy. She told me that I only had a couple of years before my ovaries stopped working anyway, so get rid of them. On a more serious note, she stated that about half of the time she has had to go back and remove them later, so we are going to do a one for all here.
I look at the entire thing as a midlife tune-up, removing those parts that are starting to cause trouble so that they can't cause any more problems. Yes it is a major surgery, but I believe that things are going to be so much better after I am healed.

The concern at this point is if hormone replacement therapy will be necessary. My doctor doesn't seem to think so because I am in pretty good health. Right now my menopausal symptoms are pretty mild and if they don't become severe then I will handle it all holistically. I am not one to take a great deal of synthetic anything. So I will look for foods and herbs that act like hormones.

My family and friends have been great and I know that all will be fine. No, I am not afraid about the surgery, more or less I have been a bit anxious of all surrounding the surgery. Mostly because I have never had surgery before and am not use to being sick, and I am already not liking it too well.


Sankofa said...

I know that your candor will help others! More than a decade ago I had an orange-sized troublesome fibroid removed. Before I had the surgery I did not know anyone in my circle had already experienced it.
As the topic came up I realized how very common the malady is, especially among women of color. It helped me to be able to share, when I needed to share.
As we go through this journey here called life, it is important that we form relationships and connect with others. It is important to come alongside each other and support each other. We are our brother's (and sister's) keeper. We are to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. It is truly love when we are able to love ourselves and support others. :)

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