Wednesday, September 2, 2009 | By: Tonya Keitt Kalule

Chung Shi from Foot Solutions

Today I went into Foot Solutions in Sherman Oaks, Ca. and met the nicest sales person. His name is Dan and he was really personable and quite helpful. I went into the store to look at the MBT shoes, but liked the Chung Shi shoe better. I tried the shoes on and fell in love with the feel. The first one that I tried on was the sandal, which is quite unattractive to say the least. I then tried on the Traveler which looks more like a hiking shoe, and they looked much better on my feet, even with the skirt that I was wearing. Since I am a photographer and always out and about looking for photo opportunities, I need and want to wear a comfortable shoe. This shoe is not only comfortable, it works the body's stabilizing muscles, and at my age, every little bit helps.

I plan to go back to the store on the weekend to see how the sandal looks with a pair of jeans, and if I can live with the look, both pair will be mine. At the very least I am going to purchase the Traveler.
Yes this shoe is more expensive than most easy walkers, but for the comfort that it provides, it is worth every penny of it's $260.00 price tag. If you are anywhere near a Foot Solutions, please go in and try on a pair if you are a person that does a great deal of walking. Whether you are walking on your job, for leisure, or just need comfort, this is definitely a shoe for you.


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