Thursday, September 10, 2009 | By: Tonya Keitt Kalule

Rep. Joe Wilson Shows True Republican Colors

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South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson was the one that shouted, " You Lie" at the President during his address to Congress on Wednesday. This was a blatant display of disrespect not only for the man, but the highest office in our nation. This is also a display of the old adage, " It is easier to seek forgiveness than permission" His quick apology is further proof that it is not a true apology but just a formality.

Under normal circumstances I would believe that his emotions got the best of him, but this is a man that is a retired Army Colonel. He knows what it is to respect authority even when you don't agree, this is his Commander in Chief. This was more about the lack of respect for the man than the position.

I am from the south and I believe that this runs much deeper than the obvious disrespect. President Barack Obama is something that goes the against the grain of everything Wilson believed and was taught in his life. This angers him, and that is what took over on Wednesday.
Wilson may have even surprised himself in this situation, but his apology is not for what he feels for his President, but for his embarrassing behavior at this televised event.


Inside the Mind of Joe Wilson, by Richard Benjamin
is a great article that reiterates my comments in this blog. This article is found on


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