Tuesday, December 29, 2009 | By: Tonya Keitt Kalule

Facebook - what does it mean to you?

I was introduced to facebook about three years ago, but I was not to keen on the social networks. I am still not very fond of Myspace, and that probably is because there is a very young crowd there.

It is just in the last year that I decided to complete my profile on facebook and start to connect with others. I must say that I have really enjoyed it. I have reconnected with old friends from college and high school and it has been fun. Catching up with what everyone has been doing over the years. Seeing their children now all grown-up and going on with their lives. It has been a great deal of fun for me.

It is so easy to lose touch with old friends, and most often you never reconnect, but facebook has been that easy place to reconnect. I believe that I will probably stay connected with most of these old friends at this point. I must warn you though, it is addictive, or it can be.


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