Friday, December 18, 2009 | By: Tonya Keitt Kalule

The Patch - Improved Quality of Life

I realize that menopause and often times major surgery as a hysterectomy of some degree is a definite turning point in a women's life. As much as I don't like or trust FDA approved anything, especially drugs and even food, I realize now that the quality of my life takes priority. This is why I decided to take the estrogen patch. I chose the patch mostly because of what my doctor didn't say.

We know that there are various ways for a woman to take estrogen, orally, in patch form, suppositories and even creams. The last two I thought would be too much trouble, and I figured that the pill would be just easier, but when my doctor explained to me that the pill would be fine provided I have never had any problems with my liver, I immediately felt that interaction with my liver should be something to avoid. This is why I opted for the patch. I realize that once you damage your liver there is really no turning back. I also realized that I am not going to have to take hormone replacement forever, probably just for 2-4 years.

For now, it has definitely improved my quality of life and for that I am grateful. I now realize that it is not always smart to fight things without personal experience. That doesn't mean that you need personal experience with everything, but I do realize that there are things you just need to experience for yourself.
I can now be the poster child for this estrogen patch.

Now it is just a matter of my continual physical recovery from the surgery itself. I have been told that it takes a great deal longer for the internal scars to heal than those on the outside. So I will do as I am told and take it easy by listening to my body and adjusting things in my life accordingly. I want to have a full recovery and I expect a full recovery. As hard headed as I am, I have been heeding the advice of my doctor as well as those who has had this surgery before me.


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